Workplace Kitchen: 5 Tips for a Space Your Team Will Love

Workplace Kitchen

Your workplace kitchen is crucial to your company culture. It’s where employees can take a break and refuel.

The workplace kitchen is often an afterthought, but it’s actually a very important responsibility for office managers. Employee satisfaction can be greatly improved by having a clean, well-stocked, and attractive office kitchen. In fact, we believe that the look of the kitchen is just as important as having tasty snacks available.

Workplace Kitchen: 5 Tips for a Space Your Team Will Love

Workplace Kitchen

1. Office Kitchen Layout Is A Must

As you’re considering where to place your modern office kitchen, remember that it doesn’t have to be right inside the office, but there should at least be a door for some visual privacy. Also, take into account how many employees will use the room regularly and what sort of equipment you want to make available. Lastly, decide how much storage space you’re willing to spare for the kitchen.

If you have enough space, begin with creating sufficient space for counter space. This should include room for appliances and utensils, as well as enough prep and eating area for your employees. Not to mention, having everything in one place will cut down on cleanup time later!

Keep your office kitchen as accessible as possible by incorporating a clear path from the entrance of the room to anywhere else in the kitchen. You can improve this even further by durable wall shelves, plants to separate the kitchen from common office spaces.

2. Work on a Great Workplace Kitchen Design

After you’re done with the office layout, don’t forget to decorate the kitchen! Your kitchen should be a place where employees want to eat. To make it more inviting, choose equipment that reflects this goal, like beautiful floor mats with different patterns or matching office appliances and bar stools that are both comfortable and stylish.

Creating a happy and friendly kitchen space is important for employees to relax and enjoy their break time. The colors and patterns you choose will play a big role in the atmosphere of the room.

If you want to design an office kitchen that looks appealing and makes employees excited to spend time there, contrast the colors with the rest of the workplace. You can do this by painting walls, cabinets, and adding other decorations in warmer colors. Finally, add some finishing touches like dishes, mats, or lighting fixtures to pull the room together.

The best office kitchens are both stylish and practical, with ample natural light to keep employees happy and healthy.

Remember that office kitchens need ventilation and natural light. If your office has a beautiful view, make the most of it! And don’t underestimate the value of including some nice plants. They’ll bring your office kitchen decor to life.

3. Kitchen Essentials to Include in Your Office Space

Here’s a list of appliances and utensils that should be included in any workplace kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about what equipment to include!

A refrigerator is an office kitchen staple since employees need to store their food and drinks somewhere. As for other appliances, it depends on the size of your kitchen and team as well as whether you allow cooking in the office.

An office microwave oven is not only a great addition to have in any kitchen, but it’s basic office equipment that every employee will need and appreciate. Not to mention, a water dispenser is another essential appliance for your break room so that employees can stay hydrated throughout the day.

Your office will feel more like home with a good coffee maker! Not only will it provide enjoyable breaks during work hours, but also create a space for team meetings. Your employees will be thankful to have one in the office!

4. Keep your awesome workplace kitchen area clean and organized

Include the employees in the cleaning process. Even if you hired a dedicated housekeeper for the building, it is important to motivate all coworkers to keep the common kitchen, furniture, and dishes clean and organized.

Furthermore, your office workers might leave behind dirty dishes if they’re eating in the office. To prevent this and maintain optimum office hygiene, keep some cleaning supplies on hand and make sure everyone knows to clean up after themselves.

5. Make the Workplace Kitchen More Enjoyable

If you want to make your employees happy, always have some bowls of fresh fruit, chocolate, or cookies on the table. Your team will appreciate it!

Adding flowers to your office is an easy way to make the space more inviting and help employees get positive vibes for their day! If you want to set up a proper atmosphere, make sure to play relaxing background music.

For example, you could install a small office kitchen TV to stay up-to-date on the news. Alternatively, what if your office composted? These are not that hard to set up, but they important factors to consider while redesigning your space. Implementing these changes in your workplace can be a great way to educate your coworkers about caring for the environment.

By using the correct containers, you can make recycling more efficient. Consider designating several bins for different materials: glass, carton and paper, plastic etc.

Final Thoughts On Workplace Kitchen

Designing a workplace kitchen should not be overlooked. It is a central location for employees to gather and relax during work hours, as well as an area for them to store their food and drinks. Utilize the tips above to create a comfortable space that your coworkers will enjoy using. Don’t forget to keep it clean and organized, and add some personal touches to make it feel like home. Happy designing!

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