Things To Bring To Your First Day of Work 

person standing near the stairs

When you start a new job, the one thing that is on your mind is making a good first impression. When you walk into your office for the first time, there are some things that should be on your desk waiting for you. These items will help to make sure that this happens and will help make the transition into work life easier!

Here are some of the things you should have ready and waiting for you:

A notepad

So that you can take down any notes from instructions to meetings.

Letter opener or scissors

A letter opener or scissors to open your mail right away. Some pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters etc…to make sure you have everything you need to write down things, take notes and highlight the important parts of a document.

Mug, water bottle and snack

green bottle on white table

A coffee mug or water bottle so that you have something with which to keep yourself energized throughout your workday.  Some snacks for those times when it feels like lunch is hours away!

Employee handbook

An employee handbook with details about the company and policies.


Making sure to always have a mint with you is the best way not only to avoid embarrassing bad breath but also for those first impressions. When meeting new people throughout your day-to-day life, it’s important that they remember you as someone who was friendly and approachable–not just another person on their daily commute where no one talks or makes eye contact!

Compact mirror

compact makeup on brown surface

Have you ever been chewing a mouthful of food and then see your dirty reflection in someone’s window? Now imagine that person is an important potential client. No need to worry, just carry around a mirror with you so you can check yourself out before speaking face-to-face!

ID or other identification

Your employer may require you to bring various forms of ID depending on the type of job, and these can vary from place-to-place. Be sure that you have a passport if they’re international (or for some other reason), your driver’s license or state I.D., an address verification document like a utility bill, bank statement with name printed on it, etcetera so make sure all bases are covered!

Clean outfit

Fresh clothes are important for a new job; make sure to have clean and pressed outfits before you arrive on your first day. You can iron or press out any wrinkles in the outfit beforehand so that it looks nice when meeting with potential colleagues, superiors, and customers.

Stain stick

Today is your first day of work. It would be great if you can keep food and drinks off yourself, but there’s always the possibility that it’ll happen to one person on their very first day. If this does occur for whatever reason, then make sure to have a stain stick handy. This will allow you to quickly rub out any embarrassing stains so no one has an excuse not hire or promote someone just because they had some sort of accident during their first shift at work!


The temperature can be a real pain when you’re just trying to get through the day at work. Some employers keep their workplace on the colder side, so if you tend to get cold easily and don’t have great access (or time) to dress up for your office job during lunchtime or between meetings, make sure that you pack an extra sweater in your briefcase before heading out each morning!

Pro tip: If you are working remotely make sure to prepare everything you need like desktop accessories, laptop, phone charger and other essentials for remote work. Be always ready to record meetings for future reference and store important data such as passwords, contact information and other similar tasks. High performance data storage will also come handy on this.

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